VIDEO — Johnny Weir Talks About ‘Yuri on Ice’ with Amazing on Ice

Amazing on Ice: During Johnny’s recent visit to Beijing, where he performed for BTV’s spectacular New Year’s Eve show, he tweeted about figuring out how to watch ‘Yuri on Ice’ even while he was away from home. Amazing on Ice sat down with Johnny while he was in China for a brief interview about his thoughts on ‘Yuri on Ice.’

Transcript follows the video.

Q. What do you think of the ‘Yuri on Ice’ anime?
Johnny: Well, I never have time for TV, for anything, because I — in America, I’m so busy, and always running, and I never have time to sit and watch something new. I’m always behind like three years. But Evgenia Medvedeva, the Russian World champion, she started to Twitter about ‘Yuri on Ice,’ so I thought it was very interesting. And then one character had the rose crown, so I said, “OK, Johnny, you need to watch it.” And now I love it. It’s such a good show and there’s so much good things from the figure skating world in the show that you wouldn’t — if you’re just a casual fan — you wouldn’t know, but for us, the skaters, you see one storyline and you can see something from your life or your friend’s life. It’s very interesting.

Q. Are there things in the ‘Yuri on Ice’ plot that remind you of your own career?
JW: Oh, for sure! So, Yuri, the main character, he’s 23 years old, and he changes his coach to a new Russian guy, and he falls in love with his coach (but I didn’t).

Q. You mean Viktor?
JW: Yeah, it was Viktor. So he falls in love with Viktor, and he competes in the Cup of China and the Cup of Russia. And when I was 23, I changed coach to Galina Zmievskaya, a Russian lady — I didn’t fall in love with her though — and competed in Cup of China and Cup of Russia. So there are for sure similarities that I see in the show with my career.

Q. Have you watched a lot of ‘Yuri on Ice’?
JW: Yeah, I have to keep watching ‘Yuri on Ice’ because there are so many details. They did a wonderful job with the production to make so many details, and I can smile because they’ll have a scene where they’re in a hotel in Russia that looks the same as the hotel that the competition always stays in. So it’s happy memories and a fun new story.

Q. ‘Yuri on Ice’ has caused a lot of discussion on social media. On Twitter there are a lot of fans who didn’t know much about skating, but who have started to focus on the sport because of the anime. Do you see a similar situation?
JW: Yes. So in the beginning, many people on Twitter were saying “#yurionice @JohnnyGWeir I think there’s something similar,” but I never realized what was happening because I’m not a big comic or anime follower. I never watched one of these shows, but I think the art form is very beautiful. But I never thought about it, and I didn’t realize how many fans comics, and anime especially, how many people love these things. And now it’s a whole new world for me to enjoy on Weibo and Twitter.

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