Medvedeva’s Dominance Holds No Limitations

IceNetworkIceNetwork will announce its choice for 2016-17 Person of the Year later this month. Here’s one of the nominations for that honor from IceNetwork contributor Sarah S. Brannen.

Evgenia Medvedeva hasn’t lost a competition since the 2015 Rostelecom Cup. This past season, the Russian was not just undefeated — she was utterly dominant, setting new world-record scores and then repeatedly breaking those marks on her way to a second consecutive world title. It’s hard not to write things like “she crushed the competition” — which can seem odd when you’re talking about a slight, fresh-faced teenager who is still just 17 years old — but this particular phrase fits when talking about Medvedeva’s abilities.

NBC commentator Johnny Weir, who has seen his fair share of Medvedeva in action, has not been shy about expressing his admiration for the dominant star.

“What makes Evgenia great isn’t simply her technique or her ability to maximize every element in her programs — it’s her determination and belief in every character she has portrayed that makes her very special to watch,” Weir wrote via email. “Her consistency in training translates to her confidence in competition and allows her to be more than just a competitor…[she’s] a true artist.”

“As an audience member, you can feel calm watching her, which is certainly a rare quality and part of why she is so loved and respected,” Weir added. “She has proved time and time again that she really is that much better than her competitors. Again, this comes from consistency.

“There are skaters who can rival her in specific categories — [Carolina] Kostner in artistry, other Russians in jumping ability, and so on — but nobody has been able to put it all together consistently like Zhenya.”

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