‘Yuri on Ice’ Fans Rejoice! Johnny Weir Is Coming to Crunchyroll Expo

The Daily Dot: Any other year, having an Olympic figure skater headline an anime convention might seem an odd choice. But this isn’t any year: We live in the age of Yuri on Ice.

Johnny Weir, a two-time Olympic athlete and bronze medal winner at 2008’s World Figure Skating Championships, discussed his appreciation of the show in a video for Crunchyroll in February, but he’s also been a vocal supporter on Twitter.

At the first-ever Crunchyroll Expo in Santa Clara, California, on Aug. 25 – 27, Weir will discuss what he admires so much about Yuri, which seeded his newfound love of anime.

“I am so excited to attend my first Crunchyroll convention!” Weir said in a statement. “I am a new convert to anime because of the brilliance that is Yuri!!! On ICE, and I am so looking forward to meeting with other fans and getting some inspiration from the fabulous world of anime! Now, I just have to figure out what to wear…”

In addition to speaking about Yuri, Weir will meet with fans and offer at least one autograph session.

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Tickets to Crunchyroll Expo 2017 are available here.

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