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VIDEO — Tara Lipinski & Johnny Weir on Ashley Wagner’s Olympic Heartbreak

People: Olympians Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are sharing their thoughts about fellow Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner, who spoke out last week after disappointing scores in the national championships kept her from a spot on Team USA at February’s Winter Games.

“We both really thought that she would be the U.S.’s biggest hope for a medal or on the podium or at least a really good finish,” Lipinski said during a joint appearance with Weir on People Now Thursday.

Wagner competed at the 2014 Olympics in Russia, earning bronze in the team event.

While Lipinski (an Olympic gold medalist herself) said on People Now that “I do think [Wagner’s artistic] score was judged a bit low,” Weir noted that losing is just part of such competitions.

“The Olympics are the biggest deal that there is in figure skating and in any niche sport, so you really have to field a team that’s going to do well,” Weir said. “But somebody’s feelings are always going to get hurt, that’s what sports are all about. If the Patriots lose to somebody, the Patriots’ feelings are hurt. It’s the same thing.”

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If the video won’t play, please watch on People’s website.

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VIDEO — Johnny Weir Hosts ‘Trading Faces,’ Ep 5: Country Club & Night Club

Trading Faces: Champion figure skater and style icon Johnny Weir hosts this new web series from Facebook TV, in which two very different young women agree to trade beauty looks and fashion styles. Johnny enlists the help of beauty gurus, and together the ladies step out of their comfort zones and into their friend’s shoes (literally). Follow each of their transformations as they see each other first before they get to see themselves.

In Episode 5, Johnny helps a conservative prep and a sexy trendsetter swap looks and undergo total beauty transformations. Watch below or on Facebook here.

New episodes premiere every week! Be sure to like and follow Trading Faces on Facebook to be the first to know when new episodes are posted.

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